Thursday, 15 January 2015

Eleanor Andrews


Finally got round to putting together a really, really simple website.

It just showcases my most recent work. Been told again and again to have a website for people to view work. Over the years I have had many, I am no good at this type of technology really so always been a bit of a mess, or added in too much with the help of free templates, and its just ended up been a massive miss mash of pictures, words and links that don't work!

So heres my website, or more small portfolio of past work....


Friday, 24 October 2014

Been a freelancer...

Recently I decided it was time to create a proper business of myself, someone once told me as freelancer to treat yourself as a business who is offering skills etc. And this is true, when I start or finish a job, I have to take into account logistics, payments, location, who do I know, what clients so I have, assistants that can help me etc etc....

So currently, I have been worrying about making a website that will justify me as a 'business', ensure I fill these pages up enough with blogging. Then hard products, creating myself a business card, making my CV stand out. All this works towards the industry and been a freelancer in most industries as well I guess.

So today I really got stuck into it, thinking about how to profile myself online, how I profile myself in emails and sometimes old fashioned letters (which yes I do pen quite a few!)
On taking some time out from 'profilingingking blahhh' I had a trail, through the internet (I did read some books as well) and I found this really lovely piece...

'Your smile is your logo,
your personality is your business card,
how others think off you after working with you,
is your trademark'.

This really inspired me!(not to stop). Nope, I will still be looking at putting together a logo, ensuring I blog enough and expand my online profile, but it made me realise that it is about the person not the product. Need to remember this for work, and also in every day life.

So this is me, smiling, showing my personality and sort of doing some work on some of my most recent jobs ;)

Be back soon!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Exodus trailers...

Ahhhh ok, so its been a while since I blogged. Sorry!

But to settle you in check out the two trailers of the film Exodus: Gods and Kings which was one of my freelance jobs last year working as Prop Maker Trainee...

Ill be back soon...

Friday, 2 May 2014

Too proud and excited!

Last year I wrote about how I had gained my first job on the feature film Exodus (see the blog here Exodus, phantoms and props), the film doesn't get released till later this year but I am so excited for it that I got too excited when there was just this one image realised of Christian Bale, looking all religious and serious. 

I may have only had a small part towards the film as a daily Prop Maker, but I am so proud to be part of it. Unfortunately in this released image theres no props that I was part of, but not long hopefully till more images and hopefully a trailer! 

It is creativity that pays me.

I am very lucky in my area of work that I have experience and a supportive boyfriend that I can focus on gaining paid work rather than unpaid freelance work. However, when the script for a short film that had a small budget so couldn't offer pay, was shown to me, it was so creative and fresh just on paper that I knew I wanted to be involved.

The film is called Led Zepplin Cashmere, some of you may recognise the name already associating it to something else, however the director, MA Fashion Media Production student Corrine Delaney, takes inspiration from a number of sources. Working alongside Set Designer, Linda Berlin, I had the chance to cover various roles during pre production and across the weekend of filming. I made some wacky props from colourful balaclavas to gorgeous hand written notes. Ran around London searching for various things I could transform into wackiness! Worked as the Art Director for one of the filming days,  dressing the various sets, making last minute props (which at the time isn’t always, but afterwards you think, or I think ‘that was quite fun’), working alongside the costume and make up guys (who were lovely and had great imagination and style!) and managing the art dept. for this one day. The budget was quite low, I had literally come from working onExodus which as you can imagine had 1000s to this, where I had about £20!

The film was released this year and has had some great feedback.  Below is only a small collection of images showing some of the props I made, also some final taken from the film.

From the images you can sense how abstract the film is, it isn’t for everyone I’m not going to lie. A love story told from the eyes of the boy, and how flaws and our character make us all unique. It is really magical and wacky, if you follow this link to website 1.4, you will find an interview with Corrine where she explains in depth more about the film, you will also find the full length video where you can marvel at the wonderfulness of it all! Its only 6 minutes long!

Thanks for catching up!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Behind the Royal Wedding

I can't even express my love for the most recent Game of Thrones episode, after only been watching for the past year I am extremely excited to see what happens next, so I can't imagine those who have stuck with the series since day one how you are feeling! Im trying really hard not t give spoilers, but I'm hoping you have all heard or watched by now....?

Ding dong the King is dead!

Anyways, last night it wasn't just the acting that was making me 'ooh' and 'ah', anybody get a look at the Royal Wedding set up?  How amazingly exuberant and over the top it was, I mean birds flying out of cakes, I though that stuff was kept for nursery rhymes? Anyways, as always it is usually the sets, props and special effects I like to ogle at and the Royal Wedding was no faint affair, so I had to have a look for some behind the scenes vids to get the insider scoop on the whole set up. And, I found exactly what I was looking for, great work by the whole team. When I get my genie lamp, or four leafed clover, or rabbit foot (actually I'm veggie so maybe not) Its my wish to work within this creatively inspirational team. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Sunny Spring and George Home

Happy Sunny April! With this lovely weather come all things sunny and new! I am a big believer in changing your home to represent the season, whether it is with flowers, art work or the change of the duvet! Collecting various items that reflect the season ensures you can carry on the season in the home, even if the weather outside isn’t!

A recent job has been working on the launch of George Home, part of the Asda brand. Since December I have been able to have sneak previews of the products which are great for moving around the seasons, it got me so excited for the Spring time when working on this during cold dark Winter days. For me Spring is a time to get back into my little garden, enjoy an Easter weekend and chocolate and at last that feeling of sun on the back of your neck! The George Home products cover all rooms within the home and have some lovely garden additions as well. I worked as Assistant to Pippa Jameson working on the front cover of the catalogue (which is in stores now!!) and the TV advert which is currently been aired, so instead of fast forwarding through the adverts during GoT or popping to put the kettle on have a look out for the George Home advert. (Don’t worry though, if you can’t wait for the next part of GoT or you need a brew I have posted the advert below) It showcases the Spring products such as fresh seaside inspirations to graphic butterfly prints. Check out the full range at George Home here.

Thanks for reading!
E x