Friday, 2 May 2014

It is creativity that pays me.

I am very lucky in my area of work that I have experience and a supportive boyfriend that I can focus on gaining paid work rather than unpaid freelance work. However, when the script for a short film that had a small budget so couldn't offer pay, was shown to me, it was so creative and fresh just on paper that I knew I wanted to be involved.

The film is called Led Zepplin Cashmere, some of you may recognise the name already associating it to something else, however the director, MA Fashion Media Production student Corrine Delaney, takes inspiration from a number of sources. Working alongside Set Designer, Linda Berlin, I had the chance to cover various roles during pre production and across the weekend of filming. I made some wacky props from colourful balaclavas to gorgeous hand written notes. Ran around London searching for various things I could transform into wackiness! Worked as the Art Director for one of the filming days,  dressing the various sets, making last minute props (which at the time isn’t always, but afterwards you think, or I think ‘that was quite fun’), working alongside the costume and make up guys (who were lovely and had great imagination and style!) and managing the art dept. for this one day. The budget was quite low, I had literally come from working onExodus which as you can imagine had 1000s to this, where I had about £20!

The film was released this year and has had some great feedback.  Below is only a small collection of images showing some of the props I made, also some final taken from the film.

From the images you can sense how abstract the film is, it isn’t for everyone I’m not going to lie. A love story told from the eyes of the boy, and how flaws and our character make us all unique. It is really magical and wacky, if you follow this link to website 1.4, you will find an interview with Corrine where she explains in depth more about the film, you will also find the full length video where you can marvel at the wonderfulness of it all! Its only 6 minutes long!

Thanks for catching up!

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