Friday, 24 October 2014

Been a freelancer...

Recently I decided it was time to create a proper business of myself, someone once told me as freelancer to treat yourself as a business who is offering skills etc. And this is true, when I start or finish a job, I have to take into account logistics, payments, location, who do I know, what clients so I have, assistants that can help me etc etc....

So currently, I have been worrying about making a website that will justify me as a 'business', ensure I fill these pages up enough with blogging. Then hard products, creating myself a business card, making my CV stand out. All this works towards the industry and been a freelancer in most industries as well I guess.

So today I really got stuck into it, thinking about how to profile myself online, how I profile myself in emails and sometimes old fashioned letters (which yes I do pen quite a few!)
On taking some time out from 'profilingingking blahhh' I had a trail, through the internet (I did read some books as well) and I found this really lovely piece...

'Your smile is your logo,
your personality is your business card,
how others think off you after working with you,
is your trademark'.

This really inspired me!(not to stop). Nope, I will still be looking at putting together a logo, ensuring I blog enough and expand my online profile, but it made me realise that it is about the person not the product. Need to remember this for work, and also in every day life.

So this is me, smiling, showing my personality and sort of doing some work on some of my most recent jobs ;)

Be back soon!

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