Monday, 10 February 2014

Going round in bunting circles!

Carry on with my homemade interior makes, this small blog looks at a really easy £0 make!

For £0 you can easily make some Circle Bunting. I’ve used this to dress a curtain that separates the kitchen from the living room. With the ceiling been so high, and the curtain and wall both white, its a large white space with no details or textures. I experimented with a few items, fairy lights, hanging decorations etc. but all just didn't seem right.  So, to keep with a theme in the living room I took the idea of the original pom pom bunting, and kept the circle/ball shape as a starter.

The bunting is really easy to make, first you do need a Sewing machine (If you don’t have a machine try attaching twine or thread to the back of the circle cut outs with tape). For the circles anything can be used, old cards, wrapping paper, felt, anything that will give the finish you want. I had some odd bits of paper from Christmas card making lying around so used the gold and pearl card. Cut the circles to your desired sizes, then on the lowest simple setting on your machine push them through. You can be as neat or as un-neat as you like, it really doesn’t matter, I went for un-neat just so it wasn't such a sharp line of circles. Make sure you leave some thread at the end for you to hook around what ever you are attaching it to. Then when finished, drape it, hook it, hang it where ever you want. 

Something like this is great for events or parties, for a wedding lots of white circles, or use matching card for a party, laminate the circled before sewing for outdoor buying as well! Iv posted some images that inspired me from Pinterest below, they are all shop bought bunting, mainly Etsy, but you can see how easy there are1 to make. Hopefully these colours and textures will get your creative juices flowing!

Elle xx

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